I’ve written news, features, analysis, data stories, visualisations and explainers for print and web. My recent bylines include Munchies (Vice), CityMetric (New Statesman), City A. M., The Grocer and Farmers Weekly.

Here’s a selection:


‘From Peasant Farms to Mega Dairies: Extremes of Chinese Agriculture’ – Munchies (Vice’s food channel), April 2017

‘Why are rich modern cities so obsessed with street food?’ – CityMetric (New Statesman’s urbanism arm), November 2016

‘How Long Before Robots Replace Migrant Workers on British Farms? – Munchies, October 2016

‘Post-Brexit, No One Really Knows What to Do About Subsidies for Farmers’ – Munchies, August 2016

‘Meet the people who sell milk from vending machines’ – Farmers Weekly, July 2016

‘Why Mega Farms Might Not Always Be Bad for Animal Welfare’ – Munchies, June 2016

‘Inside the Strangely Competitive World of Cow Beauty Pageants’ – Munchies, June 2016

‘We Asked UK Farmers What Leaving the European Union Would Mean for British Food’ – Munchies, April 2016

‘Why Angry Farmers Are Marching Cows and Sheep Through Central London’ – Munchies, March 2016

‘Can London’s farmers survive the housing crisis?’ CityMetric, March 2016

‘How to build a dairy farm in China’ – foreign report for Farmers Weekly, January 2015

What the rise of volatility means for British farmers – three part series for Farmers Weekly: data analysis, expert interviews, foreign report

How collaboration can help UK food producers three part series for Farmers Weekly: data analysis and graphics, in-depth feature, foreign report


‘Brits went crazy for quinoa salads last year’ – City A.M., February 2016

Peru quinoa exports to UK

‘Map: Farms selling milk direct to public’ Farmers Weekly, August 2015

Map screenshot

milk map

‘Interactive charts: Volatile food prices in history’ Farmers Weekly, June 2015

Graph screen

Grain chart


‘Festive ads have convinced 12% of shoppers to switch’ – The Grocer, December 2015

‘Premium milk contracts face uncertain future’Farmers Weekly, July 2015

‘British lamb loses out to New Zealand on shelf’Farmers Weekly, May 2015

‘Out-of-spec penalties are ‘damaging’ beef industry’Farmers Weekly, March 2014


‘Time to tackle the collaboration gap’ – leader in Farmers Weekly, March 2015

‘What crisis-hit dairy farmers need is honesty’ – leader in Farmers Weekly, January 2015

‘Liquid Assets: Muller Wiseman’s Dairy Crest buyout dissected’ – analysis and infographic in Farmers Weekly, November 2014